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24-10-2014 Remarks by MOFA Deputy Spokesperson Pham Thu Hang on the avalanche in Nepal
26-09-2014 Archaeologists find prehistoric ceramic pieces in Truong Sa
26-09-2014 Viet Nam receives sympathy messages over typhoon losses
25-07-2014 Leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh, war heroes
24-07-2014 Leaders meet newly-appointed Vietnamese ambassadors
21-07-2014 Geneva Conference 1954: Lessons for Viet Nam’s diplomatic sector
21-07-2014 Remarks by FM Spokesman Le Hai Binh on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash
21-07-2014 Remarks by FM Spokesman Le Hai Binh on Japanese FM Press Announcement regarding Viet Nam ODA-funded projects
21-07-2014 Safeguarding national sovereignty - a sacred mission: PM
11-07-2014 Remarks by FM Spokesman Le Hai Binh on July 10, 2014
09-07-2014 The sovereignty of Viet Nam over the Hoang Sa archipelago
09-07-2014 China's illegal placement of Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil rig in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Viet Nam
08-07-2014 East Sea issue draws attention from Swiss Party of Labour members
01-07-2014 Gov’t regular meeting discusses East Sea issues
29-06-2014 Contents of the Regular Press Conference by the MOFA's Spokeperson on June 26th
25-06-2014 National Assembly’s seventh session concludes
23-06-2014 Undeniable history: Hoang Sa, Truong Sa have always been sacred territories of Viet Nam
23-06-2014 National sovereignty sacred and inviolable: President Sang
17-06-2014 Contents of the International Press Conference on developments in the East Sea June 16th, 2014
09-06-2014 Viet Nam continues protest against China at UN